Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing

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Origins of Belly Dancing

The exact origin of the ancient art of Belly shrouded in mystery. But it is clear that this lovely form of musical expression came from Egypt. The purpose of the dance is for the dancer to express the rhythms and melodies of the music through her body movements. She is essentially becoming another musical instrument in the orchestration. Many dancers play finger cymbal or zills while they are dancing to accentuate both the rhythms of the music and their movements. The spectacular beaded costumes are designed to emphasize the torso and hip movements which are characteristic of the Belly Dancing. A skilled dancer will be able to move her head, arms, torso, legs and hips
as separate entities all working in unison to uniquely express the beat and melody of the music. Dancers in the Middle East are a cause for celebration. They are hired to dance at all special events including weddings and visits by dignitaries. An atmosphere of celebration is also created at the Mediterranean Cruise. Jamal Ansari, owner of the Mediterranean Cruise, goes to great lengths to select dancers to perform at the Mediterranean Cruise that reflect the fun and lively spirit of the restaurant. The atmosphere is one where customers are made to feel special and every effort is made to enhance the fun and enjoyment of their dining experience. Come in and enjoy our lovely and talented dancers!

The Weekly


Thursday 6PM, 7PM, 8PM Friday 12PM, 6PM, 7PM, 8PM, 9Pm Saturday 6PM, 7PM, 8PM, 9Pm Sunday 6PM, 7PM, 8Pm (Shows can be cancelled without notice)  
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Belly dancing has been a staple at the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe since 1979. Originating as a beautiful form of art, belly dancing has grown in popularity among adults, families and children.

Come For the Food, Stay For the Fun!